Monday, February 5, 2018

2018...,,Next Generation Global Health Security Professional

Dear Health Security Professional:
Are you looking for ways to help the next generation of global health security professionals?
Consider becoming a mentor through the Next Generation Global Health Security (NGGHS) Mentorship Program. The NGGHS Mentorship Program promotes and supports early to mid-career professionals and students with an interest in health security.  NGGHS mentors cultivate professional relationships with protégés who are developing skills to continue promoting a world safe and secure from health security threats.
Criteria for Mentors
Mentors are experienced health security professionals willing to provide coaching and support for one or more developing early to mid-career professional(s) and/or students, in one-to-one or small group formats. Protégés are members of the Next Generation Global Health Security Network who have expressed an interest in establishing a mentoring relationship with experienced health security professionals.  Mentor involvement can vary: some mentors may serve in an advisory role, while others may choose to pursue a collaboration with their protégé(s). At heart, the most important thing is the ability and willingness to help.
Responsibilities of Mentors
Responsibilities of the mentor include:
·         Agreeing to attend the NGGHS Mentorship Program Discussion Forum
·         Agreeing to contact your protégé(s) on a regular basis (at least monthly)
·         Agreeing to collaborate with your protégé(s) on a final project.
·         Agreeing to complete an evaluation form regarding participation in the NGGHS Mentorship Program to inform the improvement of the Program.

To become a mentor, complete the interest form here.  If the link does not work, please copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

Interest forms for this mentoring cycle will be available until 20 February.  Mentors will be notified of their matching protege by 5 March.

Please share this announcement with your network.

For more information, please contact NextGen Coordinator, Dr. Jamechia Hoyle at
Jamechia D. Hoyle, DHSc, MPH, MS
Next Generation Global Health Security Network

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