Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Exemption from State Taxes. Veterans. State of Maryland Bill 312, House Bill 362 Feb 21, 2018

Fellow Veteran, 

Would you like to have 100% of your uniformed service retirement income exempt from Maryland state income tax? If you answered YES, we need your help!

Please attend the legislative hearings for Maryland Senate Bill 312 and House Bill 362 in Annapolis next week, on Wednesday, February 21st, beginning at 1:00 PM. The legislation, submitted by Governor Hogan, exempts $15,000 in 2018, 75% in 2019, and 100% in 2020.

We need for you to either testify or to help us make a show of force in the hearing room. I am coordinating with Secretary of Veterans Affairs George Owings. Our panel(s) and crowd will travel from one hearing room to the other with him. It worked well last year to tell a coordinated story, so please let me know the gist of your testimony; it will enable me to create the most effective panel(s) possible.

We will have a conference call on Monday, February 19th, at 7:00 PM to provide details about what to expect on Wednesday. The detail information will also be sent by email to those who have asked for it. Please send me an email prior to 5:30 PM on Monday, February 19th, to receive the conference call dial-in information.


1. Forward this message to every retiree (and every soon to be retiree) you know who is a Maryland resident.
2. Forward this message to the president of any veteran or military-related organizations that you belong to and ask them to help us get people out for the Feb 21st hearings.
3. Wear a hat or other clothing item denoting your military affiliation when attending the hearings. Please do not wear your uniform.
4. Organize car pools, van pools, or charter buses to come to Annapolis for the hearings. Free limited parking is available at the USNA; it is just a short walk from the Academy to the State House and Senate buildings. http://msa.maryland.gov/msa/mdmanual/01glance/html/govbldg.html
5. Contact your State Senators and members of the House of Delegates to support HB 362 and SB 312.


Annie S. Brock

Legislative Liaison

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