Saturday, April 7, 2018

$1-Billion on a movie in 2-Months. NOW. Hip Hop Architecture for our Next Generation Leaders.

Eric Lives!  In me

Recent posting of call for crasftpersons, and others to assist in Dominica  (See text box below).  Keep in mind the ‘brain-drain’ occurs in all our communities and communities.

Time to spend the money where needed.  Wakanda is a concept, an ideal.
It is already a reality in our hearts and minds. 

Get involved with your diaspora organization that you trust. 
Get involved and ensure out next generation has the tools to take over and
say “Enough is Enough”.

Charles D. Sharp.  CEO.  BEMA International.

I just spoke by phone with Michael Ford, President of Hip Hop Architecture in D.C. area, returning home on way to Reagan National Airport.  He’s conducting his workshops throughout the U.S., and even a workshop in Kenya.

Looking for contact in Caribbean for any island nation, even British Virgin Islands to get workshops for Next Generation Leaders. 

One important feature of his workshop is the creation of a Hip Hop video by the participants.  Dominica, Barbuda, Haiti, Brazil, and even Cuba would be perfect for the diaspora to get more involved.

If anyone is interested just contact him thru his website,  .

Mention Charles Sharp and BEMA International.  This is what Michael and I discussed. 

Just contact.  You just may get on the schedule.  The 2018 Hurricane Season is about to begin.

He’ll be back in D.C. area in July at Prince Georges Library with the workshop.

SHARING IMPORTANT - The Commonwealth of Dominica call for Dominican builders , carpenters, electricians , telecoms engineers , lorry and back hoe drivers in the diaspora . Dominica desperately needs you. You have spent years building up another man’s land . Please consider arranging a working holiday to lend a hand . The hurricane season is two months away and so many buildings are unsecured and roofless owing to a shortage of builders and tradesmen . People are having to wait for months until it’s their turn to get a roofer or electrician to certify their building so they can be reconnected to the grid. Accommodation is scarce that’s why the call is to Dominicans who can stay with friends and family. Please share this text. Time is short ; the hurricane season will soon be here again. There have been many deaths post Maria from stress related causes as people see the fruits of their lifetime labours ruined . The people are resilient , but imagine how some of them feel everytime clouds gather . Dominica needs you. If all you can do is share this text, please do."

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