Saturday, August 25, 2018

Congratulations Dr. Morris Koffa. Publication: The Ebola Epidemic in Liberia.

It is an honor and pleasure to announce the publication of our member, Dr. Morris Koffa (Lifetime) new book ‘The Ebola Epidemic in Liberia’.

Morris is a valued advisor on Liberia and cultural knowledge and understanding to me, and in focusing members of BEMA International in local community issues, capacity building, diaspora expertise for not only Liberia, but other African Descent communities globally.  Addressing environmental inequity issues in Liberia, the continent of Africa, and other communities.  Pertinent to communities from Flint, Michigan (water contamination), to Bay View community of San Francisco (radiological contamination), Nigeria Delta Region (oil contamination), and other communities not brought into the light.

There is no ‘brain drain’ from our communities, just an under-utilized, non-interactive, or non-inclusive addition of experts from the diaspora sitting and invited to the table,  Experts that not only have the problem-solving power, but as a collective the financial means to address the most pressing issues from financial inequity, homelessness, education, water & food security issues, and other social disaster\crisis\emergency management concerns.

Looking forward to weekend read.


Charles D. Sharp

The Ebola Epidemic in Liberia
By Dr. Morris Koffa

Paperback, 84 Pages 

Price: $8.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
In this maiden scholastic work, Dr. Morris T. Koffa explores the link that runs through taking care of the environment, addressing issues of emergency/disaster management, and creating public health awareness.

He explains how Liberia's failure to put appropriate infrastructures in place intensified the adverse impact of the Ebola virus epidemic that decimated a huge number of Liberians.

This is a book whose time has really arrived.

Read it and be inspired.

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