Friday, February 1, 2019

Effective Advocating & Lobbying Your Elected Officials. Webinar: 2/14/2019

  • February 14, 1 - 2 PM ET: Effective Advocating & Lobbying Your Elected Officials: In this training, we will educate and prepare business leaders to be effective advocates for your issues. Here's what you will learn:
    • Plan an in-person meeting with policy makers
    • How to prepare and research for in-person meeting
    • Execute a successful meeting with policy makers
    • Post-meeting outreach
    • Get your message to policy makers when you can't meet in person (outside-in approach)
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·      February 21, 1 - 2 PM ET: Hone Your Message and Work with the Media to Get It Out: If the new political reality has you itching to speak out in the media, this session is for you. Learn best practices from the front lines. Here's what you will learn:
o  How to make the strongest arguments for your policy agenda
o  How to use your company as proof for how policies affect business
o  How to locate journalists interested in what you have to say
o  Tips to enhance your credibility and confidence

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