Wednesday, July 10, 2019

BEMA International and NDRN Collaboration. Disability Justice Approaches Nationally and Globally.

The Black Emergency Managers Association International (BEMA International), and the National Disability Rights Network (NRDN) are collaborating on the upcoming National Preparedness Month in September 2019.  Two vital webinars conducted by the NDRN on disability approaches to disaster assistance and humanitarian actions available September 4th & 5th at 1:00 PM ET.

Register early to participate.

BEMA International

Session One | A Disability Justice Approach to Disaster Assistance

Date:          September 04, 2019
Time:          01:00 PM [Eastern Time]
Duration:     1 Hour 15 Minutes
An interactive virtual workshop on Disability Justice approaches to disaster assistance that recognizes histories of harm and centers communities of color.

The session will be co-facilitated by Justice Shorter who serves as the Disaster Protection Advisor for NDRN and Valerie Novack who is currently a Portlight Fellow at the Center for American Progress.

Together, they will guide participants through critical questions that call for a nationwide reimagining of how we prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters/emergencies.

Interested participants can Click here to register.

Session Two | Disability Justice Approaches to Humanitarian Action

Date:          September 05, 2019
Time:          01:00 PM [Eastern Time]
Duration:     1 Hour 15 Minutes
With a particular focus on global humanitarian action, this thought provoking session will feature Disability Justice approaches that recognizes historical trauma and centers on underserved communities. Join us as we pose critical questions that call for a collective reimagining of international development, foreign policy and humanitarian interventions.

The session will be facilitated by Justice Shorter who serves as NDRN’s Disaster Protection Advisor and Valerie Novack who is currently a Portlight Fellow at the Center for American Progress.

We welcome disaster/emergency management professionals worldwide, international development practitioners and anyone else with an interest in disability-centered humanitarian assistance.

Interested participants can Click here to register.

 Please just let me know if you have any additional questions or contributions.

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bEMA International 

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