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Cocopah Tribe to bring drinking water facility into compliance. September 17, 2019

For Immediate Release: September 17, 2019
Media Contact: Margot Perez-Sullivan, 415-947-4149,
Cocopah Tribe to bring drinking water facility into compliance

YUMA, Ariz. —The Cocopah Tribe has agreed to bring the Cocopah Bend RV Park and Golf Resort’s drinking water system into compliance with the federal Safe Drinking Water Act as part of a settlement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The resort is located outside of Yuma, Arizona. 

“We are pleased this system will make critical investments to prevent drinking water contamination,” said EPA Pacific Southwest Regional Administrator Mike Stoker. “EPA will ensure all requirements of this agreement will be met for the long-term protection of the community.”

During a May 2019 inspection, EPA identified significant deficiencies with the system’s elevated storage tank, including inadequately sealed hatches and tubes that could introduce contaminants into the drinking water. The system serves approximately 1,095 residents with 901 connections. The system's current source of drinking water is groundwater from two wells that serves its customers.
The system is developing a compliance plan for EPA approval and will meet federal standards by Feb. 28, 2020.

For more information on EPA's drinking water program, please visit:
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