Sunday, October 20, 2019

Community Imperative\Civil Society Portfolio Investment.

A vital part o the BEMA International Imperative

Community Imperative
Step 1:  CERT awareness, education, training, and active participation.
Step 2:  Proactive in addressing risks and vulnerabilities and disasters in community
                   with active participation
Step 3:  Climate Change awareness and actions.
Step 4:  BEMA International membership as
                     NGO, nonprofit, et.
              -National, State, County, City office membership
Step 5:  Access to complete BEMA International Factor initiatives

Community Imperative\Civil Society Portfolio Investment
-What are the investments of individuals and families in a community?
-Schools, location to resources, faith-based organizations, food & water access?
-What are the their responsibilities?
-Are corporations and private sector industries part of the individual and family
        investments as part of the community imperative\civil society portfolio?

Answers to these and other questions in the BEMA International Factor

BEMA Intenrational

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