Thursday, May 28, 2020

Climate Change. GCC joins FEMA Region IX in announcing Level Up Audio Project

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Emergency Managers are multi-skilled and also
Climate Change Managers to address its' impacts.

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GCC joins FEMA Region IX in
announcing Level Up Audio Project
Stories spotlight local climate adaptation and hazard mitigation

Storytelling works better than facts alone when motivating people to act. Stories allow people to form an emotional connection, to learn from other communities’ challenges and solutions, and to wonder, “How could this work in my community?”

The Georgetown Climate Center (GCC) is partnering with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region IX to make local hazard mitigation and climate adaptation stories available through the new series, Level Up Audio Project. FEMA Region IX produced this series to support local conversations about hazard risk and resilience, empower communities to advance resilience, strengthen a network of hazard mitigation and climate adaptation professionals, and inspire action. Level Up discusses themes including:

·    Climate change; 
·    Equity, environmental justice, and social resilience; 
·    Hazard mitigation; 
·    Ecosystems and natural resilience; and more.

The Georgetown Climate Center is partnering with FEMA Region IX to make the Level Up Audio Project available. This collaboration grew out of the natural connections between FEMA’s mission to reduce impacts of disasters, and the Georgetown Climate Center’s work to help state and local leaders make their communities more resilient to changes in the climate that exacerbate disaster impacts. As a resource to states and local governments on climate change adaptation, GCC helps policymakers and practitioners identify best practices in adaptation policy, including in hazard mitigation and post-disaster contexts through legal and policy analysis, and through GCC’s online resource, the Adaptation Clearinghouse.

Level Up features 10- to 15-minute conversations with individuals on the United States’ West Coast who are making hazard mitigation planning and action a priority in their communities. Tune in to hear how:

·    An immigrants’ rights organization in California made sure all members of the community were able to rebuild following the Thomas Fire;
·    The City of Santa Cruz integrated climate adaptation and hazard mitigation planning processes to ensure more coordinated implementation;
·    The City of Tehama stacked various funding sources to elevate homes and protect the community from floods; and more.

The Level Up Audio Project can be accessed on the GCC website and via streaming platforms including Blubrry, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher. If you have topics to suggest for future episodes or would like to get involved, please contact or

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