Friday, May 15, 2020

[MEDICALRESERVECORPS-L] MRC Updates: COVID-19 Response Efforts

MRC Network,

Thank you for continuing to share your unit’s COVID-19 activities with your regional liaisons and for reporting in the online system. As of this week, approximately 300 state and/or local MRC units have reported engagement with response activities – that’s roughly 36% of the national network.

Units continue to support a wide range of missions, including a sustained focus over the past several weeks on contact tracing, testing, and surge support for vulnerable populations (for example, patients in long-term care/skilled nursing facilities and individuals in homeless shelters). We’ve updated the COVID-19 Resources for MRC Units document to include a resources section for each of these missions as units continue to plan and support related efforts. Again, please let us know at if there is a particular section or resource that you think would be helpful to add.

Also, the National Emerging Special Pathogens Training and Education Center (NETEC) has been hosting a series of COVID-19 webinars covering a range of topics (all archived on the NETEC website). Their webinar scheduled for 1:00 pm (ET) today, May 15, is focused on rapid ambulatory COVID-19 testing. Registration is required.

Thank you,

Esmeralda Pereira
Director, Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Program 

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