Sunday, May 17, 2020

Operation COVID-19. Transportation Overview. May 17, 2020


       Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) o Over the last seven days (May 08-14), air travel passenger counts have risen to an average of 197,000 per day (a 101% increase) compared to the average of 98,000 per day in April. FEMA Region IX (May 15)

       National Business Emergency Operation Center (NBEOC) o Transportation forecasts for July inbound capacity are expected to be revised as the economy restarts and there are fewer cancellations; however, analysts note that a stalled restart of the economy may depress container imports even further. NBEOC (May 16)

       Food & Drug Administration (FDA) o Update: Beginning May 18, the FDA will change the hours for the COVID-19 Industry Hotline
(1.888.INFO.FDA, press *). The Hotline will operate from Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to midnight (0800-0000) on weekends and holidays. 

For urgent inquiries, dial 1.866.300.4374 to reach the FDA Emergency Line after-hours. FDA

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