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Recovery to Homelessness Beyond COVID-19. Let's End by Q2-2021 Nationally State by State, County by County, and City by City.

Of all the social, financial, and other equity issues from the current COVID-19 Crisis globally.  This crisis has brought families and communities together to address a common issue nationally and globally.

One lingering social issue for individuals and families in recovery.  Recovery from abuse: substance, physical, and mental abuse.  Recovery that has formed entire communities, the communities of homelessness from recovery that have lost social support, family support, financial, mental & physical health support.

We have now reached an opportunity not only to address this issue, but solve within all communities of the U.S.

We have reached that point of no more discussions, but the implementation of actions plans with timelines to end the plight of those in recovery that are homeless.

Cornell University Climate Fellow
BEMA International

Haven Hosted
Historic Press Conference Today
for State of Illinois Members of Governor Pritzker's
Newly Formed
IL House of Representatives
"Homeless & Housing Committee"
To Help Prioritize
Housing For Homeless In State CARES Budget Allocation
Budget Session Starts 5/20/20
Call To Action:
Please Call Your Local State Elected Official to Tell Them To Please Prioritize Helping the Homeless So That No One Ends Up Ever Living on The Streets!

L-R Dr. Tom Hugget, Lawndale Christian Health Center, IL State Representatives LaShawn Ford, Mark Mulroe, ASH VP, Brian Rowland, ASH Co-Founder, Delia Ramirez IL State Rep. Dr. Evelyn Figeroa Pacific Garden Mission, Nikelcia Marcelin, ASH Alum Testimonial & Military Veteran and Lindsey LaPointe, IL State Rep.

St. Rep Ford and A Safe Haven President host press... State Reps. Ford, Ramirez, LaPointe to Hold Press Conference with A Safe Haven on Need to Focus on Homelessness in Upcoming Session CHICAGO - Before lawmakers return to Springfield, state Reps. La Shawn K.

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The pandemic could drive homelessness up as much as 45%, ...

If the unemployment levels turn out to be as dire as predicted, homelessness could increase 40 to 45% by the end of the year, according to an analysis by a Columbia University economics professor.

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Coronavirus in Illinois rages, but the state still faces ...

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Even as Illinois battles one deadly public health crisis, the ABC 7 I-Team has learned that "the other epidemic," opioid overdoses, continue to take lives and in some parts of the state it is getting worse. There are some...

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ASH Co-Founder Childhood LatinX Zip Code 60623 Is The Hardest Hit Community in Chicago with over 60% COVID-19 Positive Test Results!
VAZQUEZ ROWLAND Responds with More Spanish Local and National Media and Community Communications to Connect with Covid-19 Positive LatinX People Living in Multi-Generational Family Units Raise Awareness about Discharging to Dedicated Isolation Spaces , Like A Safe Haven!
Así es la inspiradora labor de una organización en...

Neli Vázquez-Rowland, cofundadora de A Safe Haven, habla de una iniciativa creada para que las personas sin hogar en la ciudad que están contagiadas con el virus tengan un espacio de aislamiento seguro y acceso a tratamientos médicos. | Video |...

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Special thanks to The Latina Executives and Entrepreneurs Network (LEEN) Co-Founders Martha Tovias and Paola Meizner For Hosting A Safe Haven President in A Conversation With Other Top Latina Led Non Profits On How We Are Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic Affecting the LatinX Community!
HUD MIDWEST Regional Director Joe Galvan
Launches Inaugural
Featuring ASH Co-Founder Neli Vazquez Rowland as a National 'Best Practice' on Addressing
Homelessnes & Building Affordable Housing!
We Hope You Enjoy the Casual Conversation from Our Living Room!
Dear A Safe Haven Friends and Supporters,

I hope this newsletter finds you all safe, healthy and in good spirits, during this difficult time.

At A Safe Haven we are proud to announce that we are bringing back our original slogan that we officially originally trademarked in 2003!

"Housing is Healthcare"(r)

We originally used this slogan to try to get people to see homelessness as a public health issue and a health imperative, we wholeheartedly believed that no one can heal from whatever ails them physically or mentally without being able to live in a safe environment with a roof over their head. But believe it or not, for decades, our idea was not resonating.

The Pandemic has now changed that resistance to our idea. Thankfully today, it is a term that we believe that public health leaders around the world are now embracing housing as a crucial first step to helping heal the pandemic and to keep it from spreading! We want to help amplify this message and we hope you all will agree and embrace this concept too!

I am also grateful to say that our team had the amazing foresight to move quickly in advance of the pandemic to do our part to ensure that we implemented the most rigorous infection control policies, starting as early as January!

Today, we are continuing to diligently do our part to provide safe, semi-private and private accommodations to over 1,400 homeless and low income individuals and families that we serve throughout our transitional housing and supportive housing system and the good news is we have only had 4 reported COVID-19 Positive cases at 3 separate locations and ZERO deaths, thus far. We know that statistic can change at any moment so we are doing everything we can to remain vigilant and to abide by our strict stay at home policies, social distancing, frequent handwashing and universal masks throughout our systems to ensure that we continue our good fortune of having ZERO outbreaks throughout our 40 real estate locations throughout the Chicagoland area.

We have also increased our distribution of food through our food pantry to the community and we are now delivering food to the many tenants that we have throughout our system that are families with small children, verifiable disabled and home bound seniors.

As a battle tested, subject matter expert on homelessness we are working tirelessly to respond to calls to participate in discussions, panels and speaking engagements at the Federal, State, City and Community level to make sure that we are doing everything we can to be a part of the solution.

Beyond the health risks and death rates from COVID 19 that we are seeing add up here in Chicago and around the globe, the economic fallout from the shelter in place orders and the loss of jobs that are already being reported being at depression level is yet to be seen, but we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. The studies and the data that we shared in this issue about the potential number of people being impacted by the loss of jobs accompanied by the significant rise of people being impacted by behavioral, mental and opioid use disorders is being confirmed on the front lines across the country.

If you have never given to help the homeless and always wanted to do something to change their situation and also want to give to inspire a change to the entire broken delivery system, now is the time! If you already have given to help the homeless, then now is the time to do it again! We hope you choose to give to A Safe Haven. We truly need all hands on deck to be prepared to prevent and reverse the homeless epidemic along with all of the root causes of homelessness in a way that helps people get back on their feet. Let's do it for our kids and for all of our future! Want to talk about how we can partner to end homelessness? Call me at 773-435-8355 or email me at

Thank you, Stay Safe and God Bless!

Love, Neli Vazquez Rowland, President & Co-founder

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