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REPOST. Initial posting Sept 16, 2017, Our Communities. 2/3 of the World Unprepared for Public Health and other emergencies.

REPOST.  Initial posting Sept 16, 2017

Our communities (African Descent) are partially the remaining 1/3 of communities nationally and worldwide UNPREPARED for public health and other emergencies.

Some have postulated that our communities are under a constant state of emergency\crisis event and situations in our daily lives from the first light of dawn until sunset.

Each of us has to take the added steps to 'BRING OUR A GAME!", and promote awareness on preparedness, planning, response, recovery, mitigation and long-term resiliency building in our communities.

Faith-based, non-profit, community building, financial, our 'whole community' must be involved and at the table.

We at BEMA have been advocating our members to promote a mention of awareness and preparedness for disasters\emergencies\crisis planning at all symposiums, forums, conferences, panel discussions, etc. to stress the importance of preparedness in OUR COMMUNITIES to community leaders, elected officials, and others.

It starts with you and what you do.

Charles D. Sharp.  CEO.  Black Emergency Managers Association.

The Power of Preparedness: Prepare Globally 

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