Tuesday, June 2, 2020

2014 to 2020. The plans were in place. U.S. National Response Team (NRT) Emergency Responders Health Monitoring and Surveillance (ERHMS) system

Emergency Management Personnel,

We would like to introduce the U.S. National Response Team (NRT) Emergency Responders Health Monitoring and Surveillance (ERHMS) system, coordinated by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). We are sending this to you because we know you share our mission to protect American workers. The ERHMS system provides guidelines for protecting emergency responders involved in various types of emergencies and settings and can be used by anyone involved with the deployment and protection of emergency workers.

The attached Portable Document Format (PDF) flyer provides information pertaining to ERHMS and FREE training courses that are now available online. ERHMS training courses include the following:

·       Emergency Responder Health Monitoring and Surveillance (ERHMS) System

o   Provides the necessary tools for implementing health monitoring and surveillance of emergency response workers.
o   Outlines important procedures for pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment.
o   Offers continuing education credits for those who complete the course. Credits include: CEU/CE; CHES; CME; CNE Contact Hours; Pharmacist Contact Hours; and AAVSB/RACE.
o   All emergency response coordinators are encouraged to take this course.

·       Emergency Responder Health Monitoring and Surveillance (ERHMS) System: Leadership Training

o   Introduces the ERHMS system to leaders in organizations responsible for planning and executing incident response activities.
o   Optimizes the health and safety of response, remediation, recovery, and volunteer workers.
o   The intended audience includes local, regional, state, tribal, and federal personnel who are responsible for the occupational safety and health of responders.
o   Offers 0.1 continuing education units for completing the course. 

We hope that you take advantage of the valuable information provided and participate in the training course offerings. We encourage you to visit the ERHMS website at: http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/erhms/.

Please pass this information on to others you know aiding in emergency preparedness and response.

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