Thursday, June 18, 2020

ONLINE. COVID-19 Training for Health Workers: Preparedness and Response. DisasterReady June 2020

COVID-19 Training for Health Workers: Preparedness and Response


Learn to safely and effectively screen, triage, and treat patients with COVID-19 through this free online training program provided in collaboration by Project HOPE, DisasterReady, and the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies at the Watson Institute of Brown University.

This training is designed for health workers and leadership on the frontlines of the crisis to increase their capacity to respond rapidly and efficiently to the threat of COVID-19, while also protecting their own health.

To meet the immediate needs of responders, the courses in this program are being released as they become available:
  • Course 1: COVID-19 Background
  • Course 2: Infection Prevention and Control (Coming soon)
  • Course 3: Surveillance
  • Course 4: Screening and Triage (Coming soon)
  • Course 5: Diagnosis and Management (Coming soon)
  • Course 6: Stabilization and Resuscitation
  • Course 7: Medical Surge Operations Planning
  • Course 8: Risk Communication and Public Health Messaging (Coming soon)

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