Tuesday, June 9, 2020

June 19, 2020. The International Institute of Family Development presents: AMANDLA! The BluePrint for Liberation

The International Institute of Family Development  presents: 

                                                                The BluePrint for Liberation

 Dismantling Oppression Economic Unity for Africa and All of Her Diaspora 

On June 19th, The International Institute will unite to  kick off  Day 1 of EdFu Foundation’s

 10 Days of Juneteenth by hosting a strategic economic and social development dialogue and action planning session to showcase African Diaspora Unity to address oppression. 

In cooperation with the Kwanzaa Principles Kujichagulia and Ujima, The International Institute has laid out a 5 point plan for African Diaspora unity focusing on mutual economic and social development. 

The chief point of the action plan is to build #TheAfricaWeDeserve™ through The International Institute campaign goal of establishing 1 million jobs, by 2030, across Africa focusing on agricultural, tourism,  manufacturing and production. #SourceBlackBuyBlack™ 

Contact:Veola Green vgreen@theinternationalinstitute.org

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