Friday, June 12, 2020

Systems Failure: Injustice of Policing and Incarcerating Children and Youth. June 2020

Injustice of Policing and Incarcerating Children and Youth. June 2020

IPS Webinar Series: The Injustice of Policing and Incarcerating Children and Youth

June 18 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Online Zoom Event
Police racially profile, harm, and incarcerate Black and brown youth and children at alarming rates. Not only is incarceration harmful to children and youth at any time, it is also especially cruel and dangerous during a pandemic. Please tune in to hear our national experts discuss what is happening to our nation’s youth under the current punitive juvenile legal system and discuss what are betters ways for accountability, healing, safety, and well-being. Registration is required.
Moderator, Karen Dolan is the director of the Criminalization of Poverty Project at the Institute for Policy Studies.
  • Jeannette Bocanegra is the Executive Director of Justice For Families.Jeannette took on the role in advocating for families with youth in the juvenile justice system based on her own difficult experiences as the parent of an incarcerated youth. She thrives to ensure that young people who have come in contact with the juvenile justice system are given a second chance to become productive members of their communities, and to provide families with the tools and resources to help their children succeed.
  • Dara Baldwin is the Director of National Policy for the Center for Disability Rights, Inc. (CDR). The (CDR) is a not-for-profit, community-based advocacy and service organization for people with all types of disabilities. She is a national and international disability rights activist and policy maker.
  • Joshua Rovner is the Senior Advocacy Associate with The Sentencing Project, where he works on a portfolio of issues including juveniles sentenced to life without parole, the transfer of juveniles into the adult criminal justice system, and racial and ethnic disparities in juvenile justice.
  • Marcy Mistrett has been the CEO at the Campaign for Youth Justice since. 2014. CFYJ launches state and national campaigns that are anchored in the experiences of the youth and families most impacted by these harmful policies, while serving as co-chair of the national Act-4-JJ coalition,
“The Injustice of Policing and Incarcerating Children and Youth” is part of the IPS webinar series, Progressive Politics and the Time of PandemicRegistration is required.

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