Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Systems Failure: LE. Re-Design the System Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center. June 2020.

A Message on the Killing of George Floyd

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As the director of The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center, I share our country’s horror at the killing of George Floyd. A killing made particularly disturbing by the fact that it came at the hands of someone who was vested with the power and responsibility to enforce laws and protect and serve the community.

The CSG Justice Center’s tagline is “advancing safety and second chances.” Safety means not just the absence of crime, but also the positive presence of government institutions that people can trust have their best interests at heart. Everyone is entitled to safety and deserves to be served by a government that not only minimizes harm but maximizes well-being. And until we can truly say that every Black person in America can trust in the criminal justice system to treat them fairly and with dignity and respect, our goals to advance safety and second chances for all cannot be achieved.

To that end, the CSG Justice Center is committed to using our energy and influence to oppose racism and racial bias and support our nation’s justice systems to live up to their highest ideals. We also recognize that this is a time to reflect on our own work and priorities. As are so many others, we are asking ourselves if we have done enough to advance racial equity through our work. The answer is assuredly no—we can, must, and will do more.


A Series on Racism as a Determinant of Health and Equity

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The American Public Health Association is hosting a four-part webinar series that will examine the systems, policies, and practices designed to limit and shape opportunities for people of color, and actions that can advance racial equity and justice.

The first in the series will take place on Tuesday, June 9, from 2–3:30 p.m. ET.

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