Thursday, July 30, 2020

BEMA International Requirement......e-Learning Course. The Fight Against Corruption

Here is the anti-corruption training requirement information.




From: Charles D. Sharp []
Sent: Friday, January 10, 2014 2:51 PM
Subject: BEMA Requirement......e-Learning Course. The Fight Against Corruption

As of Monday, January 13, 2014 PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS ONLINE TRAINING WILL BE A REQUIREMENT FOR ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP IN BEMA, future certification process, and our participation in the global arena will require incorporating certain requirements to ensure our professionalism and credibility.

Use the following URL to complete the course.  We will not be tracking certification completion, but relying on your ethics as a professional that you’ve completed the training when asked, or when a procedure is instituted to track membership training requirements.

I know this is a last minute requirement, but for me to make any statement at public events of your association to address corruption issues then a standard has to be set to meet that requirement.

Please feel free to contact me at any time for additional information.



BEMA Network:

As part of our partnership in the UN Global Compact I highly recommend this course for all members, and affiliates with a global presence. 

In order to move forward in establishing our relationships internationally the issue of corruption has to be discussed openly to ensure that changes take place.


Charles D. Sharp
Chief Executive Officer
Black Emergency Managers Association

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