Friday, July 3, 2020

Jamaica Diaspora Education Task Force hosts its first-ever Virtual Advancement in Education Summit


 The Jamaica Diaspora Education Task Force hosts its first-ever
Virtual Advancement in Education Summit

July 3, 2020 - The Jamaica Diaspora Education Task Force (JDETF) will host its Virtual Advancement in Education Summit on July 7-9, 2020.  The annual flagship event is JDETF's fifth summit and its first virtual staging since its inception in 2014.

“The summit is highlighting significant areas of education as we embark on fulfilling the objectives of Jamaica’s 2030 vision,” Dr. Dyce JDETF Chairman stated while adding that now in its 5th year,  “it is a vital part of the educational norm.” 

Workshops will be held: 12 pm – 5 pm Jamaican time or 1 pm – 6 pm EST. 
The workshops and seminars will be closed sessions, for Summit Registrants, on the ZOOM platform.  All attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion.
The series of free seminars and workshops are designed for Jamaican educators with an array of dynamic topics espousing new approaches for in-classroom environments.

Topics include:
Tricks and Tools of Online/ Remote Learning,
Organizational Inclusivity,
  Strategies for the Future Ready Educator
Agricultural Sustainability and Education
Teaching Critical Thinking in the Classroom
Teaching Teachers to Teach STEM
Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities
Behavioral Health
Middle Management/ Senior Teacher Training 
Early Childhood Education

The summit offers opportunities to support the continuous development of lifelong learning for educators who will be open to implementing new technologies, collaborating to promote effective teaching/learning techniques, and also manage their learning.

The JDETF is part of the Jamaica Diaspora Taskforce Action Network (JDTAN) which is led by Chairman Leo Gilling.  In speaking of the Summit, Mr. Gilling expressed excitement. "It's wonderful that Dr. Dyce and his team can continue to provide this professional development resource for educators despite COVID-19; The summit was originally planned for California.  I'm also happy to see that to date, approximately 600 teachers have registered to take advantage of this virtual opportunity.” 

For additional information and to register visit

For more information, contact:

Latoya Jones
PR & Communications Manager

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