Saturday, July 4, 2020

September 2017. Vince Davis Interview. EP 26 Preparing The Tribal Community

Why did we stop?

NAACP published their 'Eye of the Storm'  Handbook and we decided not to confuse our community with a competing publication. 

Regrets?  Some what.  Professional courtesy overrided community imperative.  Neven again.

Charles D. Sharp.  BEMA International


Friday, September 15, 2017

Vince Davis Interview. EP 26 Preparing The Tribal Community//

Listen or read the interview with BEMA International member
Vince Davis

"Every community has its own nuances. I’m creating right now with another group of folks that I’m working with a black family preparedness handbook. Very, very similar to the native book, but very nuanced in the way that African American communities get information, communicate with one another. Again, as you attested to earlier, less than 24%, according to some recent studies, of African American families have done anything to prepare for a disaster."

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