Sunday, August 9, 2020

Register Today for the LULAC Virtual Summit

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As one of the oldest and largest civil rights organization for the Latino community, we have weathered difficult times that disproportionately affect our community. We know how hard it can be to navigate these hard times alone, and we wanted to create a virtual summit to bring us closer together. We created a conference for Latino leaders who are moving our community forward through uncertain times. We invited experts from different fields to teach us and serve your needs through workshops. This was all created with you in mind and we would be so excited for you to join us.

Register today to participate and listen to over 60 speakers from across the country on the issues most important to our community including civil rights, immigration, veterans affairs, financial literacy, and so much more.

The LULAC Virtual Summit is the first-ever worldwide conference for the Latino community in the US. It all happens from your computer, in a video conference format, face to face. Our goal is to bring together bright minds and leaders to have conversations that help us move forward, and on a wide range of subjects, to foster learning, inspiration, and communion surrounding issues that matter to you.

You will hear from leaders and experts in our community. But far more important, you’ll be able to engage face to face (digitally!) with people like you. Because not feeling alone makes this worthy journey a lot easier.

The LULAC Virtual Summit runs for two days. It’s a powerful way to grow—surrounded by people who want to move the community forward. We believe your participation would be a critical addition to fostering connections and conversations that matter.

Hasta la Victoria!

Domingo Garcia
LULAC National President


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