Thursday, September 10, 2020

Are Police Officers an element of Public Safety or an Officer of the Court? Fire\EMS? Emergency Management?

Should Law Enforcement\Police Officers in Local Jurisdictions fall under Judiciary and not Public Safety?

Why or Why not?

What are the funding and budgeting allocations for each?  What of the judicial system funding?

Can Fire\EMS be listed under Judiciary and an Officer of the Court?

Can Emergency Management be listed under Judiciary and an Officer of the Court?

In many jurisdictions Fire\EMS, Emergency Management, and Local Law Enforcement are elements of the public safety arena and the budgeting process.  It it time for a change?

Fire\EMS save lives.  Emergency Management plans for protecting and recovery lives and communities.

Law Enforcement has an ability to take lives and must remain separate in mission, vision, and most importantly funding\budget.

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