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Wonder Mart LLC Liquor License Protest

October 18, 2020


Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

2000 14th Street NW,

#S400 Washington, DC 20009

Attn: Donovan Anderson, Chairperson


RE: Wonder Mart, LLC. 2743 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE License # ABRA-116997


Dear Mr. Anderson,

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8C (ANC 8), at a duly noticed public meeting on October 7, 2020, with a 

quorum present, voted to protest Wonder Mart, LLC’s (located at 2743 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE) application for a Class B Retail License.


The Commission voted to protest the issuance of a license in accordance with the provisions of District of Columbia 

Municipal Regulations, Title 23 Alcoholic Beverages, § 25-314. Additional considerations for new license application 

or transfer of license to a new location.

(a) In determining the appropriateness of an establishment for initial issuance of a license or a transfer of a license to 

a new location, the Board shall also consider the following:

            (1) The proximity of the establishment to schools, recreation centers, day care centers, public libraries, or 

other similar facilities;

            (2) The effect of the establishment on the operation and clientele of schools, recreation centers, day care centers, 

public libraries, or other similar facilities; and

            (3) Whether school-age children using facilities in proximity to the establishment will be unduly attracted to 

the establishment while present at, or going to or from, the school, recreation center, day care center, public library, 

or similar facility at issue.  

(4) Whether issuance of the license would create or contribute to an overconcentration of licensed establishments 

which is likely to adversely affect the locality, section, or portion in which the establishment is located.


(b)(1) No license shall be issued for any establishment within 400 feet of a public, private, or parochial primary, 

elementary, or high school; college or university; or recreation area operated by the District of Columbia Department 

of Parks and Recreation, except as provided in paragraphs (2) through (11) of this subsection.


The Commission also voted to protest the issuance of the license in accordance with the provisions of District of Columbia 

Municipal Regulations, Title 23 Alcoholic Beverages, § 25-313. Appropriateness standard, specifically, the effect 

of the establishment on peace, order, and quiet, including the noise and litter provisions set forth in §§ 25-725 

and 25-726; and the effect of the establishment upon residential parking needs and vehicular and pedestrian safety.

Additionally, using the Metropolitan Police Department Crime Map, ANC 8C secured data that revealed the 

following statistics spanning the time period of October 18, 2018 - October 17, 2020:

Type of Crime                Number of Incidents 
Homicide                          11

Sex Abuse                         5

Assault w/
Dangerous Weapon           59

Robbery                            64

Burglary                            30

Theft f/Auto                      51

Theft/Other                       120

Motor Vehicle Theft          27
Total Crimes                     367


In relationship to this protest, this corridor currently has King Ave Liquor store, which is approximately 82 feet from 

Wonder Mart, LLC. These statistics indicate that adding an additional liquor store less than 100 feet to an already 

underserved neighborhood, would continue to adversely impact the residents of this community.


Finally, ANC 8C has appointed Commissioner Salim Adofo of Single Member District 8C07 to represent the ANC 

before the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board in all action related to this matter.  Thank you for your time.



Salim Adofo
Secretary Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8C
District of Columbia

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