Thursday, October 29, 2020

It does not end on November 3rd, or any election year in any community.

To our next generation leaders.  Take charge.  Get involved locally.

Business as usual before March 2020 is approaching in many minds.  Do not lose the momentum. 

Vulnerable communities, vulnerable population.  Our communities will continue to get the ‘short end of the stick’, or NO STICK AT ALL.  

  • Disasters are known to effect disenfranchised and communities of color greater. 
  • Public Health crisis (COVID-19) effect disenfranchised communities, and zip codes have now identified them even further.
  • Individuals in recovery (drug addiction, financial loses, mental and physical health recovery that may lead to homelessness) will continue to increase globally
  • Climate Change with environmental ‘injustice’ will raise its head even more in 2021 with the communities mentioned above being bypassed for true equity and wealth from the funding to address the impacts of climate change.

BEMA International cannot step up to the plate with you in your community if you’re not involved.

Get involved.  You have nothing to lose.

Be safe, stay healthy. 


Charles D. Sharp
Cornell University Climate Fellow
Black Emergency Managers Association International        
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Washington, D.C.  20020                                                
Office:   202-618-9097
bEMA International
"It is my belief that the best results in business come from a creative process, from the ability to see things differently from everyone else, and from finding answers to problems that are not bound by the phrase 'we have always done it this way.' "  Wayne Rogers
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