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REPOST from September 2011. Open Meetings and the FOI

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Open Meetings and the FOI

So now you really want to get involved in how emergency management practices are being conducted in your jurisdiction using your subject matter expertise, and concern for your community.

            What public meetings am I able to attend?

             Can I be restricted from attending?

             What if I have question to put before the meeting, if 
              the meeting is open for question or comments?

The first two question will be answered by the information provided below hopefully.
The third question shall have to be answered in an upcoming blog.


If an informed citizenry is to meaningfully participate in government or at least understand why government acts affecting their daily lives are taken, the process of decision making as well as the end results must be conducted in full view of the governed.
Oklahoma Ass’n of Municipal Attorneys v. State, 577 P.2d 1310, 1313-14 (Okla. 1978)

The Open Meeting Law Reference for all 50 States
Open Meeting Laws 2d
by  Ann Taylor Schwing

The publication of Open Meetings Laws 2d is sponsored by
International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA)

Open meeting laws apply principally to public, collegial, deliberative bodies, that is, bodies that meet as a group for deliberation and decision making. A key consideration in determining whether an entity is subject to the law is the public nature of the work it does.

Additional considerations include the extent to which the entity is supported by public funds and the extent to which the entity has the power to bind the State or a political subdivision of the State. As a general rule, a public body cannot escape open meeting requirements by delegating duties or powers to other entities or persons.

Open meeting laws may be applied to private entities when necessary to further the public policies of the open meeting laws.

Examples include:

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