Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Has our media failed us? Black, Latino, disadvantaged communities in corresponding climate change issues that affect our communities.

 Does your local journal, newslettter, or other publication in your community, neighborhood, city, etc. published articles and information in preparing for disasters\emergency, and climate change issues?

BEMA International 

Society of Environmental Journalists 



Journalists are heroes of democracy. This fall, we're asking you to honor your journalism heroes by supporting SEJ's work to increase and improve environmental journalism. If you have a journalism hero, tell us using #HonoringTheHeroes. Make a contribution to SEJ in their name and we'll add them to our Wall of Heroes. And you'll both know that you're helping the reporters who tell the world's greatest stories.


Being a journalist takes a certain amount of ferocity. You’re constantly haggling with sources, editors, readers, critics, friends who wish you’d chill out, and partners who secretly (or not-so-secretly) wish you’d quit talking through both dinner and breakfast about whatever story is currently under your skin.

 You’re also used to people saying “no”: No, they don’t want to talk to you. No, they don’t want to give you that document. No, they don't like you or what you do. No, they can’t pay you that rate per-word (or provide health insurance). And no, you definitely can’t put that in the story.

 My favorite journalists—the ones who remind me that our role is about so much more than one story or even one community—are those who don’t seem to ever care when they’re faced with all the no’s, all the critics, all the obstacles.



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