Tuesday, December 15, 2020

$1.00 (One Dollar) Challenge. Our Narrative, OUR GIVING TUESDAY. BEMA Int, Mambo Mundo, NOSACONN

 BEMA International members Globally

I’m asking all members of the Black Emergency Managers Association globally to contribute $1.00 to Operation Asentamientos Humanos fundraiser. This fundraiser is a collaboration of Mambo Mundo, NOSACONN (New Orleans South Africa Connection), and BEMA International to provide relief and recovery to the vulnerable communities of Honduras, Nicaragua, and Jamaica as a result of multiple hurricanes that touched these communities in November 2020.

We have been challenged.  I’m confident that each of you as individual, and organization members of BEMA International can meet the challenge.

It doesn’t matter where the disaster, crisis, and emergency has occurred.  It matters that now we and can control the narrative and each of you as members of BEMA International globally are representing vulnerable communities to say “No more!” when disasters and crisis strikes our community.  That we will take a stand.

This is the first event in preparation for 2021 events for New Orleans, the Mid-Atlantic Region, the Caribbean, and other vulnerable communities.  The COVID-19 crisis has again focused on the data to show which communities are vulnerable by Zip Code. 

Time for a change.  We are the change that is coming.  

Our theme song:  Change is Coming" by Jamal Batiste (https://youtu.be/I6JvjCBGwhc)

Vulnerable communities must now take a stand and control the narrative for the services, and funding to sustain their communities.  Your giving $1.00 is a part of the sustainability of our vulnerable communities globally.  This is a start.

Give by any means.  Give by selecting one of the methods listed below, and participate in this historical event of Us coming together as ONE.  This is the First.

Operations  Asentamientos Humanos

            Media Release:



Cash App

$CASHAPP Hashtag:                $OAHumanosFund 






Operacion Asentamientos Humanos Link (OAHRelief.org):



Direct Deposit  -  Official Financial Institution for Operation Asentamientos Humanos

Liberty Bank & Trust, New Orleans
Routing number: 065002108 Account number: 2457857
       EIN Number: 46-0700671

CONTACT:   Operacion Asentamientos Humanos at



Stay safe, be prepared.

Charles D. Sharp
Cornell University Climate Fellow
Black Emergency Managers Association International

1231-B Good Hope Road.  S.E.  
Washington, D.C.  20020
Office:   202-618-9097
bEMA International
Cooperation, Collaboration, Communication, Coordination, Community engagement, and  Partnering (C5&P)
A 501 (c) 3 organization




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