Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Hands-on workshop. Working with Cal-Adapt Data in R Friday, December 11 10:00am - 11:30am (PST)


Upcoming Online Webinar:



Friday, December 11

10:00am - 11:30am (PST)


Please register at this link.

Registration form (a Google form) not working for you? Please email lucyandrews@berkeley.edu to register. Feel free to include any topics or questions you'd like us to cover.


This hands-on workshop will teach you how to work with climate data from Cal-Adapt - California's primary repository for downscaled climate data - in R. The workshop will draw upon caladaptR, a new R package which streamlines the process of importing climate data into R using the Cal-Adapt API.

Examples will showcase techniques for:

  • Aggregating climate projections from multiple climate models and years
  • Joining projected climate data to other tabular data
  • Transforming climate projections into more intuitive and actionable probabilities
  • Visualization through charts and maps.

Data wrangling, analysis, and mapping examples will use functions from tidyverse packages and sf.



The workshop will be fairly hands-on and some experience with R is expected. To complete the hands-on exercises, participants will need a recent version of R, RStudio, and several packages (details to be provided a few days before the workshop). Alternately, participants may complete the workshop using a virtual R machine developed for the workshop on RStudio Cloud (free account required, details to be provided). Participants will also need a Zoom account (free accounts are fine). Some familiarity with climate data and Cal-Adapt is helpful but not required.

The 90-minute workshop will include 1 hour of slides and guided exercises, followed by 30-minutes of additional self-paced practice where the instructor will be available for help. People who just want to get an overview of the workflow or run some sample code are welcome to drop off after an hour.

Questions? Please contact the instructor Andy Lyons at andlyons@ucanr.edu.


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