Thursday, January 7, 2021

Apply for the Youth Preparedness Council Starting on January 18


Do you know a teen who has a passion for preparedness? 

FEMA will soon begin accepting applications for its 2021 Youth Preparedness Council (YPC) from youth in grades 8-11

Since 2012, FEMA has brought youth from across the Nation together. Each year, teens apply to the YPC for an opportunity to join FEMA in encouraging emergency preparedness. Teens serve on the YPC for two years.

As part of the YPC, members can build leadership skills and represent their schools and communities

They also share their perspectives, feedback, and opinions with FEMA. The YPC gives youth the chance to meet peers from across the country and work on projects, such as preparedness fairs for their communities.

A virtual summit in July gives members a chance to meet each other and hear from FEMA experts.

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