Saturday, January 30, 2021

Asset Management for communities. 2021 UN Online Solutions Dialogues on Infrastructure Asset Management.

 The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs would like to warmly invite you to attend the

2021 UN Online Solutions Dialogues on Infrastructure Asset Management.

The Online Solutions Dialogues (OSDs) will communicate the basic concepts of infrastructure asset management. They are primarily geared towards central and local government officials involved in asset management on a day-to-day basis. Other stakeholders are invited to attend on a first come and first serve basis. 

The OSDs will have three thematic rounds are: (1) Introduction to Asset Management, (2) Data for Asset Management, and (3) Crisis-Resilient Asset Management, each building on the previous. Individuals who attend all three rounds will receive a certificate of participation. Successful participation and certification will make governments eligible to apply for further UN technical assistance, including through the UNCDF International Municipal Investment Fund. More information about the OSDs, including the link to register in your region, can be found online here:

The OSDs will offer participants a lively and collaborative environment in which to learn asset management concepts and apply them to their own local and national contexts. Each two-day workshop will last about 3.5 hours per day and comprise of short live/video lectures, interactive exercises and group discussion. Exercises will be conducted using virtual breakout rooms in Zoom. 

The OSDs will draw on the upcoming UN/DESA-UNCDF publication Managing Infrastructure Assets for Sustainable Development: A Handbook for Local and National Governments, which will be freely available beginning 1 February. Handbook translations into Bangla, French, Nepali, Spanish, Chinese and Swahili are to come.

Existing tools that have been piloted in Bangladesh, Nepal, Tanzania and Uganda – the Asset Management Diagnostic Tool and Action Plans – are available online. Workshop participants will get a firsthand look at how to implement these simple yet strategic tools for more effective asset management. 

Why ‘Solutions’? Participants will gain insight into what is (and is not) working in neighboring cities or countries so that they might replicate successful models. Insights will be drawn from panels and presentations during the workshop, plus individual/group exercises that encourage reflection and verbal exchange of experiences. The idea is also to share challenges and concerns that require discussion of potential solutions. 



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