Friday, January 8, 2021

Old Boy network still exist in the Emergency Management Arena? January 8, 2021

Emergency Management as an off shoot of FIRE\EMS, and Law Enforcement is the 'old boy' network still exist within the field from the Federal, State, County, City, and Local Jurisdictions?

Emergency Management offices\agencies on average are filled with individuals from the law enforcement career field that have transitioned to emergency management in control of plans, budgets, and opportunities for members of their community, their 'whole community' to be involved in disaster awareness, education, training, financial opportunities for small business, and all members of the community to be at the table.

From FEMA HQ, Regional, NEMA, IAEM, and others in the mainstream of emergency management to protect the assets of the nation, their state, and provide professional guidance within the field.  Are changes needed across the board, and each to be re-evaluated for its effectiveness for our nation and our local communities?

Is diversity and inclusion a priority? 

Is equity and inclusion a priority?

Are funding opportunities to vulnerable communities equal and distributed accordingly or are funds under or never utilized until focused upon?

Many more questions to come.

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