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The U.S. was lead to the brink of history fully repeating itself.


Conformity and Consent in the National Community

Holocaust and Human Behavior




Table of ContentsOverview

By 1934, Hitler considered the National Socialist revolution in Germany complete.  In control of the nation, the Nazis turned their attention to creating a racially pure “national community” in which Nazism was not revolutionary but normal.  This chapter focuses on the methods the Nazis used to get individuals to conform, if not consent, to their vision for German society. It also focuses on the consequences faced by those who did not fit into the “national community” the Nazis envisioned. 

Essential Questions

1.     In what ways did the Nazis use laws to create “in” groups and “out” groups in German society? How did they also appeal to people’s hearts and minds?

2.    What were some of the reasons that the Nazis’ idea of a “national community” appealed to many Germans? Why did it appeal to particular groups, like young people? 

3.    What did it mean to be an outsider or even a dissenter in an otherwise “racially pure and harmonious national community”? What did it mean to be an insider?


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