Thursday, March 25, 2021

Did you get the memo? Grant Funding Opportunity Deadlines Approaching. March 2021

BEMA International members (Nonprofit, Faith-Based, Private Sector):
Ensure that you review the DHS and FEMA grant opportunities at   , and submit your proposals before the closing dates posted.  Not at the last minute.
Remember to add a one paragraph of your annual membership in the Black Emergency Managers Association International.  Membership has its’ benefits.
BEMA International

Preparedness (Non-Disaster) Grants
The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides program funding in the form of non-disaster grants to enhance the capacity to prevent, respond to, and recover from various emergencies.


Find and Apply for Grants
In addition to the Non-Disaster Grants, this website provides useful resources on finding and applying for other various preparedness grants.


Continuing Training Grants
Offered through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Homeland Security National Training Program (HSNTP) Continuing Training Grants (CTG) provides funding via cooperative agreements to partners to develop and deliver training to prepare communities to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from acts of terrorism and natural, man-made, and technological hazards.



Emergency Preparedness Grant Coordination:


View Opportunity | GRANTS.GOV

State, local, tribal, and territorial governments are required to spend 7.5 percent of their DHS grant awards combating domestic violent extremism and targeted violence .

Further, since Inauguration Day, DHS has increased the development, production, and sharing of intelligence and other information central to countering domestic violent extremism.  The Department is also increasing training opportunities for law enforcement partners, including through threat assessment and management programs related to domestic violence extremism.

The TVTP Grant Program application period will close on May 25, 2021


Eligible Applicants:

Private institutions of higher education
State governments
Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education
County governments
Special district governments
Independent school districts
Native American tribal governments (Federally recognized)
City or township governments
Public and State controlled institutions of higher education


can apply for funds to establish capabilities or fill gaps in their prevention capabilities.  Applying for this grant is a multi-step process and it is recommended that applicants begin that process early to allow sufficient time to complete interim steps.  Applicants should consult the Notice of Funding Opportunity for more specific information.

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