Wednesday, April 14, 2021

WEBINAR (4/15 @2p.m. ET): Faithful Action: Strategies to Support Families in Preventing and Protecting Against Online Child Sexual Exploitation

Faithful Action


April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. To commemorate the month, the Department of Homeland Security, Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Cyber Crimes Center, Child Exploitation Investigation Unit are hosting a webinar to assist faith and community groups and caregivers of youth and teens on how they can help children to be safer online. The webinar will also address support for families when their children have been victimized by online sexual exploitation.   
To stop the abuse from happening we must understand how abusers operate on internet platforms. We have brought together four of the leading organizations in this fight that will share insights on how to prevent child exploitation online, identify what child sexual abuse material (CSAM) looks like in communities, and provide tips on how to support children and their families if they become victims of this crime. We will also share resources you can use to educate children on how to be safer online and to support families dealing with the aftermath of this crime.

How to Join the Webinar:

  • Please register for the event using the Adobe Connect registration web link.
  • Test your Adobe Connect prior to the meeting; you may need time to update or install software to access the audio-visual content.
  • This webinar will offer captioning on the webinar platform.
  • For more information, contact:
  • A recording of webinar will be sent by email to all registered participants, in case they are unable to attend or wish to share.
We hope that you will join us on April 15!

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