Tuesday, May 11, 2021

FEMA is seeking public input on agency efforts related to equity and climate change. May 2021

FEMA Advisory
FEMA Update  
Key Messages
  • FEMA is seeking public input on agency efforts related to equity and climate change. Public input is critical to ensure programs and policies serve all people and create a robust response to climate change.
  • Specifically, FEMA is seeking public comments on President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.’s executive orders 13985, 13990 and 14008. These executive orders assess existing programs and policies to determine:
  • If agency programs and policies perpetuate systemic barriers to opportunities and benefits for people of color and other underserved groups.
  • If additional agency actions are required to bolster resilience to climate change.
  • If agency programs, policies and activities address the disproportionately high and adverse climate-related impacts on disadvantaged communities.
  • Comments can be submitted through June 21 via the Federal eRulemaking Portal, Docket ID: FEMA-2021-0011.
  • Working with state partners, FEMA continues to provide federal support to community vaccination centers. There are currently 1,485 sites throughout the country. In addition, support continues to 21 federal community vaccination center pilot program sites, including supplemental COVID-19 vaccine allocation. Seventeen pilot sites continue to receive federal personnel support. These sites have administered more than 4.9 million vaccinations.
  • Additionally, 14 mobile vaccination units are deployed to support states and the Indian Health Service. The mobile units have delivered more than 31,100 vaccinations.
  • Mobile vaccination units are deployed to Arizona, Connecticut, Idaho, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and South Dakota. One unit is supporting the Indian Health Services mission to vaccinate tribal communities across the Great Plains. 
  • Individuals looking to get COVID-19 vaccine can visit vaccines.gov to find a location close to them and make an appointment. Individuals can also text their zip code to 438829 and get a text with the closest COVID-19 vaccine location.
  • As of May 10, FEMA received more than 172,500 funeral assistance applications and approved more than $15.5 million.
Please note: further information and data on Vaccine Distribution is available in the attachment.
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