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Linking Communities Globally. 2021 San Francisco Black Film Festival. June 10-June 13, 2021

San Francisco Black Film Festival

P.O. Box 15490
San Francisco, CA 94115

Media Contact:                                                           

Jackie Wright, 415 525 0410                                                                      

San Francisco Black Film Festival XXIII Fact Sheet

June 10-June 13, 2021

The San Francisco Black Film Festival is the brainchild of the late arts impresario Ave Montague.  It is a rare Black legacy organization in San Francisco as Kali O’Ray and Katerra Crossley, Montague’s son and daughter-in-law, became the directors in 2010. Due to the untimely demise of Kali O’Ray just three weeks before the entertainment industry lost Chadwick Boseman, the leadership now includes Cree Ray and Kali Ray, the children of Kali O’Ray who joins Katera Crossley to continue the legacy.  Annually more than 50 films are screened at various venues in San Francisco giving both the independent filmmaker and Hollywood actors and filmmakers an opportunity to interact and exchange ideas as the festival is a platform for thought provoking panels, parties and film showcases.

The Coronavirus Pandemic impacted the festival as all entertainment and most businesses were impacted.  Yet it did not stop the growth of the festival as Director Kali O’Ray gave blessings for publicist and community development director, Jackie Wright of Wright Enterprises to initiate international projects with the Durban International Film Festival and Durban Film Mart.  The projects continue in the current year of the festival as it expands its vision to engage the worldwide African Diaspora.

The San Francisco Black Film Festival that delivered in the virtual space at the height of the pandemic will continue to do so with plans underway to include live events as the City of San Francisco allows for socially-distanced events.   

A characteristic of the San Francisco Black Film Festival has always been the family-friendly prices. The family-friendly priced tickets will be on sale in early June.  They can be found at the festival website:  The San Francisco Black Film Festival is open to everyone.  It’s an opportunity for all multicultural Bay Area residents and visitors to San Francisco see the worldwide African Diaspora from an affirming perspective. The San Francisco Film Festival films and venues can be found at  Family friendly priced tickets are $10-$50 (All Acess Festival Pass).

Community involvement is a mainstay of the San Francisco Black Film Festival which has given job training opportunities in the areas of event planning, customer service, public relations, writing, photography, social media and other life skills training.  Working with the National Coalition of 100 Black Women San Francisco Chapter’s Doris Ward Workforce Employment and Training Program, The San Francisco Black Film Festival has not only made a difference in the lives of hundreds of filmmakers, it has trained youth and trainsitioning adults for a better path to employment for the past three years.  The San Francisco Black Film Festival “Walks the Talk” as it is the change it wants to see when it comes to social justice.

The establishment of the Jeff Adachi Social Justice Award for filmmakers who embark on equity and equality themes in their films is just another indication of the San Francisco Black Film Festival being true to its core value of “Healing the World One Film at A Time.”                         


San Francisco Black Film Festival & Durban South Africa 2020


San Francisco Black Film Festival Promoted Equal Standard @DIFF


San Francisco Black Film Festival Jeff Adachi Media Briefing @ Cinemark 2019

Don Cheadle's "Miles Ahead" 2018


“Lambadina” Opening Night San Francisco Black Film Festival @ SF State University 2016

“Restored Me” San Francisco Black Film Festival at AMC  1000 2016

KPIX Interview with Mayor Willie Brown & Kevin Epps 2015- “America’s Still the Place” based on San Franciscan Charlie Walker

“America's Still the Place” Directed by Patrick Giles

SF Black Film Festival at Dolby Laboratories 2014
Life of a King with Cuba Gooding Jr. & Dennis Haysbert

NFL's Desean Jackson's Film/Media Briefing at Dolby Laboratories 2013

About San Francisco Black Film Festival

Ave Montague (1945-2009), arts impresario, fashion industry executive, publicist, founded the San Francisco Black Film Festival in 1998.   Montague created the San Francisco Black Film Festival, a 501c3 nonprofit, with the artistic vision to provide a platform for Black filmmakers, screenwriters, and actors to present their art. As a competitive film festival, SFBFF identifies filmmakers, screenwriters, and actors that are emerging as talents and established artists who are contributing to the cinematic legacy of African Americans. SFBFF conscientiously expands the notions of “Black film-making” to a global perspective. The organization is multicultural and inclusive of all in the expression of the African Diaspora experience.   The San Francisco Black Film Festival has screened more than 10,000 films from around the world.  Kali O’Ray (son of Ave Montague) and his wife Katera Crossley, both formerly of Atlanta, Georgia, co-directed The San Francisco Black Film Festival until O’Ray’s untimely death in August 2020.  Now the festival is directed with O’Ray’s children Cree Ray and Kali Ray.  

The Mission of the San Francisco Black Film Festival is to celebrate African American cinema and the African Cultural Diaspora and to showcase a diverse collection of films – from emerging and established filmmakers. This is accomplished by presenting Black films, which reinforce positive images and dispel negative stereotypes, and providing film artists from the Bay Area in particular and around the world in general, a forum for their work to be viewed and discussed.  The San Francisco Black Film Festival believes film can lead to a better understanding of and communication between, peoples of diverse cultures, races, and lifestyles, while simultaneously serving as a vehicle to initiate dialogue on the important issues of our times.  For more information about the San Francisco Black Film Festival visit



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