Friday, July 30, 2021

DHS OIG Report: FY 2018 Audit of Science and Technology Bankcard Program Indicates Risks July 2021


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FY 2018 Audit of Science and Technology Bankcard Program Indicates Risks

Although the Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) had internal controls in place to ensure it managed and maintained its Bankcard Program as required, S&T did not always adhere to Department of Homeland Security and internal purchase card policies and procedures. Of 421 purchase card transactions selected for review, we identified 394 transactions that did not have required supporting documentation, separation of key transaction duties, approvals and other required signatures, or did not comply with other risk-based procedures.

According to S&T officials, these issues occurred due to shortfalls in program oversight and training, as well as outdated policy. As a result, we identified $63,213 in questionable costs associated with purchase card transactions for which S&T personnel could not provide supporting documentation.

Without S&T adherence to established policies and procedures, there is an increased risk of loss and vulnerability to fraud. In addition, S&T has less assurance its internal controls are effective in mitigating the risk of fraud and inappropriate charge card practices.

Read Report No. OIG-21-51



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