Friday, July 30, 2021

Food Insecurity. Building Effective Food Systems for Cities. July 2021


Cities on the Frontline: Building Effective Food Systems for Cities

According to a 2019 Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll, over half of the world’s population, 60% worldwide, say they are worried about the food they eat. During our most recent Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series event Dr. Gayatri Acharya, World Bank and Dr. Steven Jaffee, University of Maryland, outlined from their new book, "Rich Food, Smart City” that urban food system performance matters - and what is more, there is a business case for action. Cities must do more to address food systems in order to fully realize related city aspirations, as well as because the performance of urban food systems is often tied to the delivery of food on a national scale. However, food is often a missing ingredient in the many dialogues on sustainable or smart cities – we must work to better address this shortcoming. Watch the full session here.





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