Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Trust in Emergency Management. Spotlight. State of Michigan Emergency Management July 2021

  • Should Emergency Management be in control of State, County, or City Law Enforcement?
  • Is community participation and engagement lost?
  • Is trust fully established with the 'whole community', every member of the community?
  • The State of Michigan and the City of Detroit, and many other cities within the state (Flint, Dearborn, etc.) offer a unique observation for analysis for community engagement, participation, and funding opportunities.
  • Which communities are affected the most by ZIP CODE when disasters strike?

BEMA International


                                                         Map of Detroit by WARD


FEMA Begins Process of Assessing Michigan Flood Damage

     Assessment teams are aware that the flooding has disproportionately impacted certain communities, so they will “also document specific characteristics” of each home, according to FEMA.

(TNS) - Local and federal government agencies are making their way around metro Detroit to as many homes affected by recent flooding as possible, talking to homeowners and recording data.

Several assessment teams made up of the Federal Emergency Management Agency ( FEMA), Michigan State Police-Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division, the U.S. Small Business Administration and Wayne County officials started walking down the streets Thursday of Dearborn, Dearborn Heights and Detroit, conducting preliminary damage assessments.

"We really are trying to gather information at this point," said FEMA external sffairs officer Troy Christensen. "We are knocking on doors, we're talking to the homeowners, to the renters, and seeing what kind of damage they had."....

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State Administrative Agency (SAA) Contacts

The State Administrative Agency (SAA) is the only entity eligible to apply for and submit the application for the Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) and its component programs — State Homeland Security Program (SHSP), Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), and Operation Stonegarden (OPSG) — as well as the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP).

Additionally, the SAA is one of two eligible entities allowed to apply for the Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) (the state Emergency Management Agency is the other).

If you have a project you are interested in funding, please contact your applicable SAA POC.

Michigan:  Emergency Management Organization & Structure (County, Municipalities) 


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