Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Center for Global Development: COVID-19: A National Security Issue | Decision Tree for Financial Inclusion | Gendered Social Protection

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The US Is Losing the Global War Against COVID-19—And That Is a National Security Issue

If 600,000 Americans and 4 million worldwide had died in a terrorist attack, how would global policymakers respond? In new commentary on the gravity of COVID-19, Masood Ahmed urges US policymakers to turn the tide and reprioritize pandemic preparedness and response.


Building Digital Financial Inclusion: A Decision Tree Approach

Financial inclusion drives economic development – and digital financial services are a crucial step to success. But why are some countries farther along than others? CGD's decision tree method helps policymakers find root causes to financial gaps to ensure no one gets left behind. Read the latest cases studies across Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Pakistan.


The MDB Social Protection Response to COVID-19: Refocusing on Gender

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected women, from their income, to food security, to childcare, and more. But have multilateral development banks (MDBs) responded accordingly? Read the latest on how MDB operations consider gender differences in their crisis response.

Capital Flow Volatility in Latin America—Will Next Time Be Different?
Sept. 14
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Vaccine Certificates: Pam Dixon and Camilla Ravnbøl on the CGD Podcast
Jun. 15
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Financing the Global Humanitarian Public Good: Opportunities for Change
Rose Worden, Patrick Saez, Claus Sorensen Jul. 29
Searching for the Binding Constraint to Digital Financial Inclusion in Pakistan: A Decision Tree Approach
Imran Khan, Dr. Karrar Hussain Jaffar Jul. 28
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Better Together: Exploring the Role of Pooled Procurement in Improving Access to Medicines amid COVID-19
Julia Kaufman, Morgan Pincombe, Javier Guzman — Aug. 2
India May Not Have As Much Digital Financial Inclusion As It Seems
Nandini Harihareswara, Howard Miller, Anushree Deb — Jul. 28
The Strange Case of Low Financial Inclusion Using Digital Payment Services in Mexico
Ivonne Acevedo, Miguel Székely — Jul. 28
Spending Wisely and Transparently to Realize the Promise of Education for All
Biniam Bedasso — Jul. 28
Five Ways That Education Systems Can Support Girls in the Face of Climate Change, Today
Megan Devonald, Nicola Jones, Laura Moscoviz, Jack Rossiter, Workneh Yadete — Jul. 26
Who Represents Whom? A Conversation on Decolonizing Humanitarian Governance
Patrick Saez, Merryn Lagaida, Rose Worden — Jul. 26
Fund Girls’ Education. Don’t Greenwash It.
Megan Devonald, Susannah Hares, Nicola Jones, Laura Moscoviz, Jack Rossiter, Patrick Shaw, Workneh Yadete — Jul. 26

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