Friday, September 3, 2021

CDRI Fellowship Programme: Grant: Up to US$15,000 or equivalent September 2, 2021



Greetings from the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI)!


The CDRI Fellowship Programme aims to promote research and innovation on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (DRI). It provides financial support and capacity-building opportunities for individuals designing solutions for real-world problems related to DRI. You may take a look at the projects of the current cohort here.


The themes for the 2022–23 cohort are:

·         Early Warning & Decision Support System (DSS) for Infrastructure

·         Health Infrastructure Resilience 

·         Resilience Standards for Infrastructure

·         Risk Finance for Infrastructure

·         Nature-based Solutions (NBS) for Infrastructure Resilience


The key features of the CDRI Fellowship Programme are:

·         Grant: Up to US$15,000 or equivalent

·         Eligibility Criteria: All nationals from CDRI Member countries

·         Research Duration: One year

·         Last date of application: 30 September 2021


To see the details of the application process, please click here. We would request you to share the opportunity within your network.


Should you have any further queries, do feel free to contact us at


Best wishes,

CDRI Fellowship team


On behalf of the Secretariat

CDRI: Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure





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