Thursday, September 23, 2021

Prepare Your Kids at Home and In School National Preparedness Month. September 2021


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Prepare Your Kids at Home and In School

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Discuss Online Safety

As kids spend more time online for school and other activities, it’s important for adults to discuss how to stay safe on any device. Talk to your children about cyberbullying, inappropriate behavior online, identity theft and more.

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COVID-19 Safety at Schools

K-12 students around the U.S. are resuming in-person learning. Prepare your classroom or school for COVID-19 response and prevention. The CDC recommends using different tools and tactics to respond to cases, quarantine and reducing the spread of the virus.

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Bring Public Lands Inside Your Classroom

The Department of Interior (DOI) is the expert agency on national parks, wildlife refuges and historical sites. Use online materials like coloring pages, webcams and science activities to keep your kids engaged. Explore virtual tours, view live footage at national parks and more with DOI.

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