Friday, December 17, 2021

Detroit Black Community Food Security Network. Food Insecurity, Food Economy. December 2021

 Detroit Black Community Food Security Network continues to be a leader in building community-based food initiatives. We operate the seven-acre D-Town Farm, educate young people through our Food Warriors Youth Development Program and are making significant progress in developing the Detroit People’s Food Co-op and the Detroit Food Commons.


"The food economy is the first economy of any society.  As we’re thinking about how we build a more sustainable and just economy, food has to figure prominently in that.”


Community ownership, empowerment and access to healthy, sustainable food!


Through this development, we are working to increase access to healthy, sustainably grown food, while building community ownership and empowerment.


Located in Detroit’s North End, it will be a unique cooperative business model, serving an urban, predominately African American, low and moderate-income community. It will be an economic driver as the people living in the community will benefit from the money spent on food in their community.

Malik Yakini,
Executive Director
Detroit Black Community Food Security Network Inc 
11000 W McNichols, Suite 103
Detroit, MI 48221

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