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Food Insecurity: Haiti, Global Health, Farming, Nutrition. December 2021


December Newsletter 2021

Global Food Security Program


Haitian Migration: Food Insecurity, Fragility, and a Better Way Forward
November 22, 2021
By Jamie Lutz and Erol Yayboke

Recent coverage of Haitians arriving at the U.S. border is only a snapshot of a years-long journey in search of safety and food security. A U.S. strategy toward Haiti must consider the links between hunger and migration and prioritize food security as a pillar of stability. 
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Program Update 
GFSP and Reset the Table will be on a holiday break, and we will return in early 2022 with more research and analysis on food security. We hope you all enjoy a happy holiday season!


Photo: SIA KAMBOU/AFP via Getty Images
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December 15, 2021
After UNFSS, How Should the U.S. Support Global Food Systems Transformations in Low-Income Countries? 
By Julie Howard
The UN Food Systems Summit marks a shift from heavily focusing on increasing agricultural production to a broader food systems approach to food security. What are the implications for Feed the Future and related U.S. assistance to low-income countries?

Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images
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November 10, 2021
Food Insecurity among Veterans: Who Is at Risk and How to Respond 
By Jamie Lutz, Caitlin Welsh
Existing policies and programs are no longer sufficient to support today's veteran population, and many veterans are going hungry. Policymakers should develop data-driven solutions to better address food insecurity for those at highest risk in the veteran community. 

Reset the Table Podcast

​GFSP's fortnightly podcast brings fresh ideas to the table for solving food insecurity around the worldand right here at home. Sign up for Reset the Table podcast updates at this link.

Reimagining Solutions to Antimicrobial Resistance with Anders Dalsgaard and Paul Plummer
December 9, 2021

Anders Dalsgaard (ICARS) and Paul Plummer (NIAMRRE), experts in antimicrobial resistance (AMR), join GFSP senior associate Kimberly Flowers to explore solutions to AMR in low- and middle-income countries. Dr. Dalsgaard and Dr. Plummer share global examples of previous successes in combatting AMR but note that sustained attention to the issue, and swift action, are required to meaningfully address this silent pandemic. Both experts stress that any solution must be context-specific and take into account the disparity in resources between developed countries and low- and middle-income countries to address AMR. 

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Responding to the GMO Debate with Gregory Jaffe
December 3, 2021

Gregory Jaffe, director of the Project on Biotechnology at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, joins Caitlin Welsh in this episode to share his expertise on biotechnology in the U.S. food system and the relevant policies surrounding bioengineered crops, commonly known as GMOs. Mr. Jaffe and Ms. Welsh discuss the public perception and misconceptions of bioengineered foods. Mr. Jaffe emphasizes the importance of consistent policies for identifying and labelling these food products and explains how upcoming regulations from the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Law may or may not resolve ongoing conflicts about GMOs.  

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Reaching Veterans, Bolstering Food Security with Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth
November 10, 2021

In this episode, Purdue's Military Family Research Institute director Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth and CSIS Global Food Security Program director Caitlin Welsh discuss food security in the military community. Dr. MacDermid Wadsworth describes the various causes and stressors that are unique to veterans experiencing food insecurity, especially veterans living in rural areas. Dr. MacDermid Wadsworth and Ms. Welsh offer potential solutions to food insecurity among the veteran community and discuss the role of food pantries in responding to immediate food security needs. Dr. MacDermid Wadsworth also underscores the importance of collaboration among policymakers and researchers to address food security for current and future veterans.

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Affiliates in Action

Andrew Rzepa

Senior Associate (Non-resident), Andrew Rzepa

Tools for Monitoring Diet Quality Across Countries (Nutrition for Growth Summit Side Event): 
December 9, 2021

This event is the official launch of a set of over 100 country-adapted diet quality questionnaires that enable diet quality monitoring by countries and programs. Andrew Rzepa discussed implementation in global multi-topic surveys.
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Katrin Kuhlmann

Senior Associate (Non-resident), Katrin Kuhlmann

Listening for America: Cathy Novelli on Globalization and International Trade 
December 1, 2021

Katrin Kuhlmann joined this discussion on Listen for America's findings and recommendations for establishing a more inclusive international trade policy and whole-of-government approach to dealing with those adversely affected by international competition.
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Julie Howard

Senior Adviser (Non-resident), Julie Howard

Agriculture and Working Development Group of the Scaling Up Community of Practice: 
November 16, 2021

Julie Howard co-chaired the Agriculture and Rural Development Group of the Scaling Up Community of Practice and organized a three-part panel discussion series on scaling. The discussion series explores how our understanding of scaling has evolved in recent years, and asks how concepts, tools, and capacities may need to change further as we transition from a focus on agricultural productivity to the new food systems framework. Dr. Howard co-moderated the first panel on November 16, "Scaling and Transforming Food Systems." 
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GFSP in the News

November 1, 2021
The Week That Will Be

By Emily Dai
GFSP's November 5 event on AMR and Climate Change was highlighted as a notable event in Lawfare.

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November 2021
USAID Advancing Nutrition:
Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Resource Review

By USAID Advancing Nutrition
Our Reset the Table episode "Reviewing the UN Food Systems Summit with Agnes Kalibata" is featured in the Knowledge Management section. 
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November 15, 2021
War on the Rocks:
To Tackle Instability and Conflict, It's Time to Elevate Hunger as a National Security Priority

By Kelly McFarland and Alistair Sommerville
Senior associate Rod Schoonover is quoted in this article calling for a more sophisticated conception of national security.
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Past Events

​​​​​​Public Event: The Impact of Climate Change on Antimicrobial Resistance in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
November 5, 2021
Some recent research indicates that rising global temperatures will accelerate the rate of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), making the case for implementing effective AMR policies in conjunction with comprehensive climate policy. The CSIS Global Food Security Program gathered experts on climate and AMR to discuss how health, climate, and agriculture policies are interconnected and the need for transdisciplinary integration of development practices and policies in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Watch our recent event for a discussion on the implications of climate change for AMR and how to develop integrated AMR initiatives in LMICs. 
Watch here​​​

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