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Hightlights. Interracial Multicultural Forum & Divine Principles Workshop. December 2021


Descendants of American Slaves



Interracial Multicultural Forum & Divine Principles Workshop



Mrs. Song Moo Borneman, Mr. Nathan Miller, Pastor Lionel Grant, and Mrs. Mary Hida.



Ms. Katherine Duncan, Rev. Omar Muhammad, Rev. Juanita Pierre-Louis, Prime Minister Higginbotham, Mrs. Leslie Rigney, and Mrs. Sera Hirano.



      A two day Conference was held at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas on December 2 and 3, 2021. Dr. Gerald A. Higginbotham, Prime Minister of the American Slave Nation whose father served in the Korean War was honored to hoist the American flag from his father’s memorial as a gift to IPEC.


Dr. Andy Compton’s lively 3-hour presentation was impactful and left the participants yearning for more information about the Blessing. His historical parallel to biblical events opened the eyes of the attendees with the understanding that the descendants of American Slaves have a special assignment and responsibility towards achieving world peace. Prime Minister Higginbotham’s “American Slave Culture” lecture educated and aroused the participants. His utmost sincerity brought the day to a progressive intensity relieved only by a waterfall of tears to the eyes of women and men. 


The conference concluded with Dr. Higginbotham presenting a cryptocurrency that was developed for the purpose of supporting the American Slave Nation and all who can participate. There was a deep expression of pain and yearning with song, deep prayers, and reconciliation as the participants recognized the value of the two ‘brothers’ whom God brought to America in the very beginning and the need for empowerment, recognition, and reconciliation so that the brothers can be on equal footing and take their place as sons and daughters of God. 


The primary goal for the American Slave Nation is to restore descendants of American Slaves to their original position as sons and daughters of God with a mission to help build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The event was supported by the African Diaspora Leadership Conference whose goal is to foster better relations between Africa, the United States, and the Diaspora.


Universal Peace Federation Las Vegas, Misun Teah, 2nd, generation from Liberia, helped to make the event successful under the energetic leadership team headed by Mrs. Leslie Rigney, Executive Director Las Vegas. Leslie spoke of the foundation of the family that is centered on God as necessary for peace to come. She pointed out UPF's virtual programs for inspiration and education. UPF is dedicated to developing and presenting activities for the reconciliation of the racial divide in America.


Las Vegas WFWP Chairwoman, Sera Hirano, spoke eloquently about the right to self-identify and applauded Dr. Higginbotham for redefining and embracing the word “slave” as a way of instilling pride in a race of people whose last and only legal name in the US Congress is “Slave”. 


Rev. Juanita Pierre-Louis, also the Sr. Vice President of WFWP USA presented her Lifeline Healing Ministries workshop which stressed the need to heal our thoughts and feelings to be in tune with God’s frequency. She developed and presented a blueprint for healing families and individuals. In an effort to help descendants of American Slaves to achieve their human rights, Rev. Juanita Pierre-Louis and Katherine Duncan, board members of the African Diaspora Leadership Conference (ADLC), were encouraged by Rev. Maurice Lawrence to give a Divine Principles workshop to Dr. Gerald A. Higginbotham. 


Katherine Duncan, Executive Director of Harrison House said, “Harrison House is to become the first Descendants of American Slaves Education Center because it sits in the community with the largest concentration of slave descendants in Nevada. She and Rev. Juanita Pierre-Louis have both recently accepted appointments with the newly formed sovereign nation. Next step is to bring the Blessing to 120 Descendants of American Slaves. The Divine Principle workshop is centered on the teachings of the late Rev. Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.


Sincerely Reported,

Katherine Duncan and Leslie Rigney


Prime Minister Gerald A. Higginbotham, Rev. Herb Brown, Mrs. Katherine Duncan, Mrs. Sang Moo Borneman, Mrs. Leslie Rigney, Rev. Juanita Williams, Ms. Georgette Dante, Miss Misun Teah, Mr. Harris Teah, Nathan Miller and REv. Craig Williams.


Other guests not pictured include those who drove all the way from Phoenix at 3:00AM to attend.





Prime Minister Dr. Gerald A. Higginbotham, Rev. Juanita Pierre-Louis, and Rev. Omar Muhammad.


A special thanks to Vice Prime Minister Rev. Omar Muhammad for capturing the event on video. We are anxiously waiting to see it.

We yearn to relive the precious moments!



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