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12 Week Program Modules/Doris Ward Workforce Development and Employment Training Program. January 2022


National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.

San Francisco Chapter

TAX I.D. 20-1573025

415 665-2524 www.ncbwsf.org

210 Post Street, Suite 714

San Francisco California 94108


12 Week Program Modules/Doris Ward Workforce Development and Employment Training Program


Week One                               Orientation/Self-Assessment Survey (Jackie Wright)

Week Two                              Introduction to Customer Service  (Jackie Wright)

Week Three                            Dressing for Success From the Inside Out (Kelly Armstrong)

Week Four                              Interpersonal Skills ( Lisa Bishop)

Week Five                              Mastering Emotional Intelligence (Lisa Bishop)

Week Six                                Communicating Effectively (Lisa Bishop)

Week Seven                            Financial Literacy (Karen Johnson)

Week Eight                             Leadership/Self Starting Skills (Madelyn Mackie)

Week Nine                              Resume Writing/Customer Service Module Recap (Karen Johnson)

Week Ten                               Partner Job Shadow/Intro to On- the-Job Training  (Jackie Wright)

Week Eleven                          Business Ethics (Lisa Bishop)

Week Twelve                          Graduation Ceremony

Overview of Doris Ward Workforce Development Employment & Training Program

EMPLOYMENT/ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT–The Doris Ward Workforce Development Employment &  Training Program began in San Francisco in 2011 and has added a parenting and civic engagement component to the job readiness curriculum. The program, which has served over 270 in San Francisco (with a 60% employment rate), engages unemployed/underemployed women and provides a hour stipend for program participation. Created by former chapter member and chairperson of the NCBWSF Golden Girls ‘Bridging the Generations’ Hats and Gloves Tea, Jackie Wright, the program received NCBW’s National Economic Development Program of the Year Award in its first year. The Doris Ward Workforce Development Employment &  Training Program (The Program) objectives are to see (1) Black female trainees obtain workforce skills by enrolling in hospitality/restaurant industry skills trainings (2) At least 70-80% complete vocational training (completion of 12+ instruction hours per trainee); (3) At least 70% obtain employment by completing their job shadowing training for up to a 90-day period (4) 70% will ultimately be placed in unsubsidized employment.

*Although SF visitor spending is expected to net a 42% decrease from 2019 to 2021 due to COVID-19 [SF Travel], SF’s Black women have an opportunity to obtain individual skills during the City’s imminent rebuilding.

NCBWSF Program participants will: (1) Obtain skills relevant to one of the City’s most primary industries, tourism (through its connection to the food/hospitality industries); (2) Improve the City’s overall economic condition; and (3) Work towards individual self-sufficiency.

The program speaks directly to NCBWSF’s mission where gender equity and sociopolitical advancement drives meaningful change to benefit women of color. For more than 40 years nationally, NCBW Inc. has provided the foundation for leadership in the service of Black Women.  For nearly 20 years locally, NCBWSF has supported Black women through programs that elevate their quality of life, drive solutions to their issues of concern, and that build their own personal and professional development, all leading to overall empowerment. Meeting each of these core values, The Doris Ward Workforce Development/Job Training Program is an exemplary model for driving equitable pathways to good paying jobs and to addressing challenges to diversity and inclusion in the lives of San Francisco’s Black women.

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