Monday, January 31, 2022

Black History Month. Honors with the Chief.


Honors w/ the Chief


The Public Safety Consortium Presents


In 1790, Maryland and Virginia ceded portions of their land in order to establish the Federal City. After the creation of the Federal City, for 10 years, DC had constables who were named and appointed by Maryland and Virginia. In 1802, DC was given the authority to police itself. In 1861 the Metropolitan Police Department was created and supported by President Abraham Lincoln. Attorney William B. Webb was appointed the first Superintendent of the Police for Washington, DC. From the first Police Chief in 1861 to 1977, twenty-two Chiefs later, the first African American Police Chief, the late Burtell M. Jefferson was appointed in January 1978 by the late Marion Barry, Jr. Who: Chief Robert Contee, III, one of the youngest police chiefs in the history of DC, and a major City in America, and an African American.


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