Friday, February 25, 2022

Game Changers for our communities. Global Sustainable Partnerships (GSP), in partnerships with the Healthcare Initiative Foundation (HIF) and the Black Physicians and Healthcare Network (BPHN)

These videos have been developed in the following languages, English, Amharic, Tigrigna, French and Kiswahili to meet the needs of our Black residents across the Diaspora.  

We are getting the word out about the great work that BPHN is doing in our communities to assist Black Montgomery County residents with gaining access to healthcare services with Black Physicians, Health Care Practitioners (e.g., dental, primary care, pediatricians, OBGYN, etc.) and Mental Health Practitioners – a game changer for our communities.  Please share with your social media platforms, colleagues, friends, and family.  

To learn more, please visit and contact Kimberly at   Thank you!
COVID in-home test kits with Alex in English
COVID in-home test kits with Makeda in Amharic:
COVID in-home test kits with Makeda in Tigrigna:
COVID in-home test kits with Kimberly in English
COVID in-home test kits with Loveness in Kiswahili

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