Thursday, March 10, 2022

Final! No matter who. We need to know. [Final] Ongoing School Bomb Threats – Nationwide | 03-08-22 | INC10374477


With the advanced technology in the U.S. for tracing, purchasing at the lowest level for burner phone tracking, crypto technology.

We still do not know?

No matter who.  We need to know, and why.






Situation Report


[Final] Ongoing School Bomb Threats – Nationwide | 03-08-22 | INC10374477


Critical Infrastructure Involved: None


Summary: There are no updates to bomb threats received at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) today. Central will go back to normal threshold reporting regarding impacts to critical infrastructure and HBCUs.


Background: A high number of threats, starting with HBCUs, were received beginning in late January 2022 via robocalls, phone, and social media postings.  


Incident Location:


CISA Actions:   


Will report by exception only



Washington, D.C.  20020


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